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summerName: Summer Li
Degrees: BS – Marketing/Finance, MBA
Graduated: June 2013
Company: Rubicon

1. Tell us about yourself.
My goal has always been to work for a company that is cause focused and Corporate Social Responsibility orientated. Rubicon’s passion in Education and dedication in giving back to the global community aligns with my personal values precisely.

2. How did you land your job with Rubicon?
I first learned about Rubicon in February at a MBA career conference and decided to apply. Following the conference, I did an informational interview with one of the team members present at the conference and then turned in my application. After two rounds of interviews I was hired!

3. What advice do you have for others who are preparing for their job search or career?
I truly believe it is all about the quality rather than the quantity. I decided back in February that Rubicon is where I wanted to be and I worked toward it.
a.      Scheduling an informational interview is very important as you get to leave an impression and truly learn from a reliable source that no other research can provide.
b.      Do all the research you can, we are often the most confident when prepared fully.
c.      People always say be yourself, and I know this sound repetitive, but it is actually super important to be yourself! The interviewers are human, too, and they want to hire candidates they can relate to, can mesh well with!
d.      Be sure to follow-up, I really think hand-written notes are much more sincere. When writing, use your heart, don’t use your brain!
e.      Just because the world around you thinks it’s a tough market out there, it doesn’t mean you will have no luck. We are capable of accomplishing anything our mind is set to accomplish, and experiences are what we shape it to be!

4.      Did Career Services and/or anybody else assist you in anyway with your career development? If so, how?
I have received numerous help from Jen, Marian, Carolyn and Doug from the Career Service office. They helped me with my resume, mock interviews, and the most important, encouragement!

Thanks Summer for being our Student/Alum Spotlight! If you are interested in learning more about the job search process,  there are many resources available to you on the OSU Career Services website, including a specific section on preparing for your job search.  Be sure to check it out!