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Job/Internship of the Week CYGNUS_full
Web Developer Intern
Cygnus Technology INC


UI Developer Intern – must be hands-on and technical savvy…this is a position with well funded start up company. Please read below for details, and if you meet or exceed the requirements, we’d love to hear from you. As a UI developer Intern, you will play an instrumental role in driving the development and delivery of a new, modernized facelift to the rapidly evolving product line.

Entry level of web development experience.
Experience with HTML , CSS
Experience with JavaScript and AJAX;
Experience with JavaScript libraries (JQuery, Dojo, etc);
Good knowledge coding in languages in Java, JSP, Servlet or Struts.
Experience building user interfaces for customer/consumer facing websites and web-based applications
Experience defining code/design standards and creating styleguides
Demonstrated thought leadership around cutting edge technologies
Must have strong verbal and written communication skills
Knoweldge in MVC controller like Struts MVC or Spring MVC, PHP MVC and J2EE preferable.
Knowledge with PHP or JSP or other Java-based UI framework.
Strong Knowledge in developing Object Oriented JavaScript; using JSON , Java-style data structures and design patterns to create dynamic and stable routines and DOM objects.

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