JKRowlingPA_468x461It’s not uncommon for people to either change their career path partway through their lives, or even to fail many times before finding success. Here are some famous examples to help encourage you to follow your dreams and never give up:

J.K. Rowling

Rowling had it rough before Harry Potter hit success. Her mother died, she was divorced, and ended up in poverty raising a child by herself. Hers is the ultimate modern rags-to-riches story, going from living on welfare benefits to being a multi-millionaire in a matter of only a few years. She used many of the hardships she endured as inspiration for events and characters in the Harry Potter series.

Harrison Ford

Believe it or not, Harrison Ford became a professional carpenter after spending some time in Hollywood as an extra or in very minor, often uncredited, roles. His big break came when he was hired to build cabinets in George Lucas’s home, who subsequently cast him in American Graffiti and then, a few years later, as Han Solo in Star Wars.

Martha Stewart

Before Martha Stewart became an icon for domestic life, she was actually a stockbroker. She ended up moving to Connecticut and starting a catering business which would eventually morph into the multimillion dollar enterprise we know as Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford actually had multiple failed attempts at starting his own company. His first company, Detroit Automobile Company, was dissolved by his board of directors. His next attempt, the Henry Ford Company, he left because of business disagreements with his partner. Learning from the mistakes he made along the way, he was able to recover and finally established the Ford Motor Company.


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