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Job/Internship of the Week T_1234089722
Software Engineer


The Software Engineer is a member of the engineering team and works closely with the Program Management, QA and Creative teams to develop new products, integrate custom solutions of existing products, and maintain current products and platforms. This position involves working directly with customers to help integrate and customize our products to meet their needs.

• Participate in business requirements team analysis
• Develop, test, and maintain new products/services based on requirements
• Develop, test, and maintain our web and kiosk solutions for our customers.
• Follow software development guidelines.
• Participates in agile-based project management, troubleshooting, and proactive feedback
• Stay current on the state of the art of development on the Microsoft .NET platform.

Qualifications / Skills Required:
• Strong problem solving and debugging skills.
• Experience using the Microsoft platform, .NET, Visual Studio, and C#.
• Experience using relational DBMS, experience using Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL a plus.
• Experience developing with web technologies including ASP.NET, AJAX, HTML, and CSS.
• Experience with designing and consuming web services: REST, XML & JSON payloads
• Demonstrable experience building and/or maintaining native mobile applications (iOS/Android)
• Experience with responsive design and mobile web development techniques
• Experience with the Scrum development process is a plus.
• A sense of humor.

• Bachelor’s degree required, Computer Science major strongly preferred.

Additional Information
• Full-time
• Reports to Director of Engineering
• This position is based in Portland, Oregon.

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