International Students

International Students should make sure to utilize the Office of International Services (OIS) to receive the specific support they may need during their time at OSU. The following links are reproduced from the OIS website:

Getting to OSU:
Staying at OSU:
Working at OSU:
Exploring Corvallis and OSU:

Some tips from our CEOAS International Graduate Students are outlined below:

*SEVIS, VISA & DACA Reimbursement Information*

Below is a quick guide for GES to request reimbursement SEVIS, VISA & DACA fees:

1. Check out this Link made by OSU describing the process for International Students to request reimbursements for SEVIS, VISA, and DACA. 

2. Once you have read through the process, go to this Page, and scroll to the bottom where you will find links to a) The SEVIS and VISA Reimbursement form, and b) the DACA reimbursement form.

You will need to fill out and turn in the form to complete the process of requesting reimbursement for these fees.

Shout out to the CGE 2019/2020 Bargaining team for winning DACA fee reimbursement!

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