Health and Wellness

Dealing with stress? Exercise!

Obviously, we all deal with stress as grad students. Sometimes a workout and a great night’s rest is the best remedy. There are opportunities every term to play on a CEOAS intramural team too (these are usually advertised through the CEOAS student email list).

PAC classes, Dixon fit classes and Faculty classes:

There are several options for a graduate student if you are interested in taking any sort of fitness classes:

1) Dixon Fit Classes:

These are held at the Dixon gym, you can buy a term pass (around $50 ) and go to all the classes they offer as many times you like and to any you want: Yoga, Cycling, Body Pump, Zumba, etc.

You usually have to get to the gym 15 minutes before the start of the class to  get a pass to a specific class, some of the more popular ones will get full.

 2) Faculty classes:

These classes are in the Women’s Buillding. You pay for a specific class for the entire term and they are offered to faculty and staff only, so they tend to be less crowded than the Dixon Fit Classes and a bit more structured. No grade is given, it does not appear in your transcript.

3) PAC classes:

PAC stands from Physical Activity Course, and there is a great variety: running, dancing, gymnastic, rafting, climbing (it changes every term). They are undergraduate courses, so you have to register the same time you register for your classes. Thel tend to fill up quickly, so sign in as soon as you can. This will also have an associated cost to it and will be graded. They appear in your transcript so you have to be careful to not miss so many classes. You can change the grading basis so it does not count for you GPA:

CAPS: Counseling and Pyschological Services

Graduate school is competitive, stressful, and at times, hard.  Science is never easy and life issues can also complicate degree completion. CEOAS has received good reviews from students utilizing CAPS. For many students, asking for help or discussing sensitive issues is difficult. More difficult if you limit your support to just friends and family.  If you are feeling down or life has placed an obstacle in your path, please make a free appointment with CAPS.  Each graduate student receives a number of free visits per year. Healthy mind, healthy science.

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