What is CGE?

The Coalition of Graduate Employees at Oregon State University is a labor union representing 1,700+ graduate employees at OSU. We are an affiliate, known as a “Local,” of the American Federation of Teachers – Oregon. We are united not only as Graduate Employees at OSU, but as educators across Oregon and across the United States. All together, we make up 1.7 million educators across this country. 


The Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE) represents the interests and rights of Oregon State University’s graduate employees through the bargaining and maintenance of a fair working contract. We strive to create a community of graduate employees empowered to advocate for collective issues.


We will create a working environment where fair and equitable treatment protects the holistic well-being of all workers, and the principles of participatory democracy promote collaboration and shared goals across peoples.


  • Member-driven collective action – We believe in the ability and wisdom of the graduate employee community to define issues and participate in crafting effective solutions.
  • Advocacy – We are committed to empowering members of our community to speak for themselves when they can and speaking on their behalf when they cannot.
  • Equity and justice – We value the contributions of everyone in all aspects of the university. While we are diverse, we share common goals: dignity, respect, and recognition for our work.
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