New Term, New First Post

Introduction For the start of the new term, I though it would be nice to introduce myself and reacquaint new and old people to who I am and what my senior project is about. I am Arjay Hamilton. I am currently a computer science major with dreams of becoming a video game programmer. It might… Continue reading New Term, New First Post

Great Progress – Post #8

Introduction Version 0.0.2 of our project has successfully been completed! The very first version, if you remember, was essentially just a mock-up of the title screen of our game. With the completion of this version, we have made great strides and now have a mock-up of the title screen of our game! Wait, isn’t that… Continue reading Great Progress – Post #8

Game Design – Blog Post #7

Introduction Today I will be talking all about the design of our game. If you’ve come this far hopefully you’ll enjoy this in-depth talk about our game’s elements and how they interact with one another. As a game gets more elements, it become exponentially more complicated as the number of interactions increase. Even with our… Continue reading Game Design – Blog Post #7

Preliminary Design – Post #5

Introduction and Recap In the last post, I talked all about the gritty details of gameplay for our game. This time I’ll be talking about how we plan to achieve these results. This includes discussing our coding language of choice and related libraries and frameworks. This won’t be as boring as it sounds. Swift Our… Continue reading Preliminary Design – Post #5

Project Details – Post #4

Introduction and Recap In my last post, I talked all about my project and the circumstances surrounding it’s creation. This time, I’ll talk more about what kind of game this project really is. For many people, exercise games are usually looked down upon. This is because many exercise games currently available on the App Store… Continue reading Project Details – Post #4

First Blog Post

Hello there. My name is Arjay Hamilton. I have created this blog for the express purpose of logging my progress for my senior capstone project. This is, of course, the first post of that series. As the introduction, let me explain my motivations and other ideas. But before that, I should tell you more about… Continue reading First Blog Post