Great Progress – Post #8


Version 0.0.2 of our project has successfully been completed! The very first version, if you remember, was essentially just a mock-up of the title screen of our game. With the completion of this version, we have made great strides and now have a mock-up of the title screen of our game! Wait, isn’t that the same as before? Well, yes. But with one major difference this time. The title screen now keeps track of the steps you have taken in the current session (since you opened the app). It doesn’t sound like much, but this is a huge accomplishment for us. I could show you a picture, but it is kind of unnecessary as it doesn’t look any different than last time except for the addition of the steps counter.

Great Benefits

The reason why this was so important to us, as you can possibly gather already, is the fact that getting the pedometer to work was the most important step in our project creation process. Without a functional pedometer, there is no game. The pedometer is necessary to give the player money, and to implement the walking challenges for our game. With no money generation from walking, it would just be a normal RPG. As much as we like RPGs, that isn’t what we are going for here. But now there is no more worry (hopefully). With a working pedometer, now we can begin work on implementing the major structure of our game. We still don’t actually have a castle area yet. The Cat Hero doesn’t exist yet either. Worst of all, money is nonexistent.


This brings me to my final point. There is still tons to work on. It will be quite difficult still. The implementation of the pedometer wasn’t too bad, but getting it to work with future code the way we want it to may be a different story. The next step for our game is to start implementing the structure of our game, including figuring out how to tie the game’s money count to the pedometer’s step counter. We have to make sure the money doesn’t disappear when you turn the game off as well, as that would defeat the purpose. There are many challenges ahead, but I feel we can pull it off. For the next post, I’m not quite sure what to talk about yet. Our final version of the design document will be debuting soon, I suppose. We’ll have to really think about the many different pieces our game is made of. If you really want to learn about this, I’ll be happy to telly you next time.

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