First Major Steps – Post #6


Last time I spoke of a big milestone we were working on; the very first version of our project. I also said I would show it to you. That time has finally come. It’s very basic, as it is essentially just a mockup. But this has one has one crucial difference. As it is created with the tools for our project, it proves to us that we can actually create things for our project. Take a look at it.

A mockup of the main screen of our game

Version Information

Created in Swift, with the aid of SpriteKit, we can work on and visually see how our game would look on a phone. This is where the above image is from. This makes the process of creating our game much easier. Of course, we have a lot more to work on in our project. Even on just this screen, there is much missing here. For example, I need to implement the ability to earn money and the pedometer code before we can actually see your current money and how many steps you have walked today. There is space for this information on this screen, but obviously there are no numbers there as I have not gotten that far in implementation.

Personal Thoughts

So far, I would like to believe that everything is going quite well. Just seeing our project come to life is a huge confidence booster. Even if I’ve barely done any work to the code itself so far. Setting up Xcode and Github was a bit of a pain (mostly because we were not used to Macs; it is not Xcode’s fault), but once the set up was complete we were able to quickly set up a basic first screen. For the next version of the project, I would like to implement much more robust features, such as the ability to actually move to the castle area by making the big button actually work, or perhaps properly display the amount of money you currently have/steps walked. I suppose I’ll just have to mess around with the code and look up some information to see how it goes.


Hopefully this post was a bit more exciting than my last few posts. Next time probably won’t be as interesting though, as I will be discussing our design document. Well, unless you really want to know how our project is structured. I might have worked on some of our code before the next post as well, so it’s possible I will have even more than that to talk about.

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