New Term, New First Post


For the start of the new term, I though it would be nice to introduce myself and reacquaint new and old people to who I am and what my senior project is about.

I am Arjay Hamilton. I am currently a computer science major with dreams of becoming a video game programmer. It might be a little cliche, but I’ve always dreamed about creating my own games even when I was young enough to not even know that was an actual job. I had a very active imagination, creating my own games in my head, or imagining how I would improve them.

Anyway, enough about me. Let me talk about my senior project and what I’ve done with it.

Senior Project

Somehow, I was able to convince OSU to let me create a game for my senior project. Specifically, an app. I was even allowed to work on it with my brother. We originally had more members than just us, but they ended up leaving us for one reason or another. Known as the Walking Challenge RPG (working title), we wanted to make exercise the main way to progress in the game, but not as the main mechanic. There are many exercise games out there, with some even just being simple competition games where you compare the exercise you have done to a friend. But for our game, we wanted exercise to take a backseat. Instead of making it the game, we decided to make it a way to earn money in the game itself. We wanted to make people exercise more, but not make it a chore to play the game. In other words, we hope to create a game that makes you want to exercise by providing a fun game experience that only requires you to walk.

There is much more to our game. We have already begun coding, and successfully got the pedometer for our game working. We have so much work to do still, but I believe we can do it. If you want to know more about our game, you can always check out my previous blog posts.

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