Project Details – Post #4

Introduction and Recap

In my last post, I talked all about my project and the circumstances surrounding it’s creation. This time, I’ll talk more about what kind of game this project really is. For many people, exercise games are usually looked down upon. This is because many exercise games currently available on the App Store or other platforms put all the focus on exercise. Compete with friends to walk more, walk to put yourself on leaderboards, etc. Our game, on the other hand, has a different sort of plan in mind. As discussed in a previous post, our game wants to make gameplay the main focus, with exercise being the way to progress.

Main Screen Details

I’ve talked about how this game works and plays a little before. So this time, I’m going to get much more in-depth. When a person opens our game, they will be greeted by the main screen. There, a player can see how many steps they have walked today, how much current money they have (for the gameplay part), and what active walking challenges they have. For every step a person takes, they earn one gold. This allows them to visibly watch their current money increase as the step counter increases. Of course, they can also see their current progress on their challenges and complete them from this screen as well. Settings and options can also be accessed from here. Finally, there will also a large button that says “Move to Castle Area.” This does exactly what you think. The screen transitions to the Cat Kingdom’s last castle, where gameplay can truly begin.

Game Screen and Gameplay

From here, you can interact with the castle and the structures you have placed around the castle. Interacting with the castle allows you to purchase equipment for the Cat Hero, or buy and place structures that can either provide bonuses or decoration. When you are ready to proceed, interacting with the road allows you to enter the world map and level select screen. I’ve talked about this before, so let’s get straight into how battle works. After a level has been selected, battle commences. Battles take place in a turn-based manner, similar to classic RPGs of old. The Cat Hero can take three different actions during a battle: Fight, Items, and Quit. Fight is self-explanatory. Selecting the Fight command allows you to attack the enemy, or select a target to attack if there is more than one enemy. Items allows you to use an item in lieu of fighting to cause a variety of effects, from healing to aiding you in combat. Quit is also obvious. It exits the battle with no other effects. However, any items used will not be given back, so don’t quit recklessly. After your action, the enemy will strike back, dealing damage to you or causing other effects. This is the basis of our game. It is very possible we will add more/refine the battle system as well, so look forward to it.


For people who didn’t want to learn about the project, sorry! No other interesting things happened this last week. It was just a lot of schoolwork being done, with many refinements being made to our requirements document. I suppose nothing interesting happening is actually a good thing though, as it keeps everything moving smoothly. What do you think of our game so far? Do you think it has potential? Next time, I’ll probably be talking about how we plan to achieve these goals. Fortunately, I’m not just all talk. We have plans in store to make this game.

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