Project Introduction – Post #3

Project Concept

Picking up from where I left off last time, I will be talking all about my capstone project in this post. Now that it is approved and we have completed some set up I can discuss it in more detail. Before I get to that however, our project team has lost a member. The person I mentioned before, Davidson, has left our project for unknown reasons. Now it is back to just my brother Jaymes and I. Being down a member won’t stop us from completing this project though. First on the agenda today is to describe my project in greater detail.

You may have seen it in the project list if you are a student at OSU. Known as the “Walking Challenge RPG,” It is a game of our own creation. It doesn’t actually exist yet (obviously), but we are working to make that a reality. For those curious, the main concept of our game is “exercise is a core mechanic.” To this end, we want players to walk to earn currency in-game. Currency could then be used to purchase equipment for your character. This in turn would allow you to progress through the game by defeating enemies. Who is the character? Why, a cat! Why, a cat? Well, the scenario for our game involves the conquest of the Cat Kingdom from an unknown enemy. Only one castle remains, where the Cat Kingdom’s last hope, the Hero, makes his base of operations.

Project Creation

The concept is pretty simple with not much of a story. But we wanted to make sure our game wasn’t too complicated. Mostly for our own sake, anyway. We were inspired to make this game when a family member of mine (unrelated to Jaymes) wished there was more “exercise” games on the App Store. They actually asked us if we would try making this game. I didn’t really want to at first but then I realized there was some real potential with the idea. In addition to the satisfaction to making a game, we could also show this game off to future employers in the video game industry. It would also give us valuable experience if nothing else. If we could also get the approval of OSU, it would be even better. With a school-enforced deadline and guidance, it would guarantee that we worked on the project.

As you already know, we did get that approval. There is so much more to our game that I can talk about. But talking about all of it here would make this post incredibly long. This one is already long enough as it is. If you want to learn more about how our game will actually play, or want to know more how development is going, tune in to my next blog post.

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