First Impressions – Post #2

I have quite a lot to talk about for this post. Quite a few interesting things have happened since the last time I posted.

First of all, the project I was referring to in my last post, actually managed to get approved. I even got to work on it with my brother. Now I can both work on something I really want to, have it count for college, and get something to show future employers! I am very happy with this.

However, this brought up something I hadn’t considered. As there are three people to a team for the senior capstone, I realized that I would still have to work with a stranger. This wasn’t ideal for me, but in real life you aren’t guaranteed to work with friends of acquaintances every time. I ended up being very curious of who we would work with. Would someone join our project willingly? Or be automatically assigned because they couldn’t choose? No matter what happened, I just hoped that the person we got wouldn’t mind our inexperience.

We ended up getting someone call Davidson (his last name) who has been working in I.T for 8 years, and for 4 years professionally. He seems to have an inclination for software, so it seems he chose this project willingly when he saw we were making an app. My first impression was that he was way out of my league, as we were greenhorns compared to his experience. I wonder what kind of person he is. As he was recently assigned to us, we haven’t talked to him at all yet. That will change very soon, with a couple discussion posts where we introduce ourselves to each other and discuss the beginning steps of the project.

I sincerely hope everything goes well. For now, that is all I have to talk about. But there is a lot to look forward to, as can be gleaned from my post. Next time, I’ll probably be discussing more on my impressions on Davidson after I’ve talked to them more and how the first stages of the project went.

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