First Blog Post

Hello there. My name is Arjay Hamilton. I have created this blog for the express purpose of logging my progress for my senior capstone project. This is, of course, the first post of that series. As the introduction, let me explain my motivations and other ideas. But before that, I should tell you more about myself.

I am a computer science major with Oregon State University. My dream is to become a video game programmer after I graduate college. But obviously before that can happen I need to get through college first. I’ve almost succeeded on that front, but I’ve got a long way to go still. The reason why this is important is because this dream relates to my capstone project.

You see, I would like to make a game for the project. Specifically, an app. I’ve already got several ideas and have made progress in learning Swift to make a basic game. I hope I can find others who may be able to help me. If this idea comes to pass, the blog will update on the progress of the game every week. For now, that will be all on updates. While this is a short post, depending on what happens in the coming weeks they will be much longer.

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