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March 31, 2010

First Try at posting

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I have no idea what protein to do.

Good idea about the banana

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Good Evening World :)

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This is my attempt at a post. Although this may not exactly be protein related, I thought this artwork would brighten everyone’s day. A Love Letter For You. Wouldn’t it be sweet if there was a love letter for OSU?

Post Attempt!

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Hey P-Squared Pals! I have no idea what protein I want to do yet, but I can’t stop thinking about all the crazy sorts of materials we can come up to use for our models: yarn or wire or leaves or plastics or candy or umm banana peels? Haha, so many options!

Adding new posts

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Hi everyone, I have finally signed everyone up as an author.  You should each now try to author a new post.  Log in with the username and password you received by email.  Change your profile if you want  to give yourself a nickname to serve as your public display name. Then write a sentence or two […]

All Proteins ARE beautiful! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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I had no idea what to put for the title or what to even post. First thing that popped into my mind. Yay! Minhazur P.S. All of you are beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 😛

It’s only a little past 10:30

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And I’m watching Royal Pains. Good show, by the way.

Side chains of amino acids

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Most biology and biochemistry textbooks have a table showing the twenty amino acids found in proteins.  Here’s a figure you can use to quiz your knowledge:

March 28, 2010

Day one, Spring term 2010

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On Monday we’ll meet each other, share a few stories, and fill in some details in our course syllabus.

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