Social Media Stats: The Ellen Degeneres Show on Campus

During the week of May 12, producers of the Ellen Degeneres Show contacted Oregon State University leadership to propose a plan to film a segment of the show on campus. A chance to show off the university’s beautiful people and campus on national television? Of course they said yes.

And just like that, plans for the May 21 event were in motion. Ellen would do a live segment from her studio with students in the quad. Going off the cue of Ellen’s Twitter hints to the public, we slowly (and strategically) released details to the public. Excitement grew quickly, even into rumors — the biggest that Ellen would be speaking at Commencement.

She teased.


And teased.


And then dropped the details.


During that four-day span, we set interaction records on Twitter and Facebook. Ellen’s 30 million followers helped us with that. On Twitter, our @OregonStateUniv handle was mentioned alongside @TheEllenShow handle 7,275 times.


Our followers also spiked, as seen in the bar graph below. The account gained 1,000 followers in just a few days.


Here’s a look at our top tweets.

6x normal reach:



Over on Facebook, we posted a photo of the event. It was seen by more than 100,000 impressions and received nearly 5,000 ‘likes.’ For context, our posts average between 800 and 1,000 ‘likes.’


One thing Ellen and her producers excel at is getting people to dress in theme for their events. At Oregon State, the theme was “dress up in your worst Dad outfits.” As expected, hilarity ensued, and we received a ton of awesome photos (see the Storify below).

This was our favorite by far, a whole family! –>


For a timeline of all the Ellen festivities, including more costumes, check out our Storify below. It was a blast! Beaver Nation represented well, as usual!

Sheep Barn lamb survives via backpack, goes Internet viral


Here’s the thing about the Internet: It loves cute stuff.

When a picture of a lamb in a backpack popped up on Twitter last Thursday, the Internet did what it does best: made it viral.

That picture, however, was quite familiar to fourth-year Oregon State Animal Sciences student Kaylyn Gillespie, who was notified of her online appearance by a friend. By that time, the photo was everywhere, eventually advancing to the front page of Reddit.

It has been viewed 1.2 million times.

This was the original photo, taken at a coffee shop on campus.

This was the original photo, taken at a coffee shop on campus.

When she saw the picture, Kaylyn was a little “creeped out” at first. After all, somebody had taken a photo of her, without her knowledge, and put it on the Internet.

“I wan’t sure what to think at first, but then I saw what was happening to it,” she said.

Thanks to the original poster, @Leyz_Magana, on Twitter, it became an instant classic.

“I saw a goat in the girls bag and I laughed so hard I took the pic! Idk if she (knew I) took a pic or not but I wanted to post it on twitter,” Magana said in a direct message to the university.

That goat was, in fact, a sheep. And that sheep was named Mr. Freeze. The photo ascended to the No. 1 spot on Reddit, a popular social media forum where users can up vote, down vote and comment on content posted. The more up votes an item receives, the higher it goes on the site. Front page items are rare, only rewarded for the massively popular. For Mr. Freeze, well, his rise to fame was instant. On Reddit, Facebook and Twitter, comments and questions mounted as to why on Earth somebody would be carrying around a “goat” in a backpack.

Watching it all unfold on Reddit, Kaylyn made a username, revealed herself as the lamb’s caretaker and told her story to the online community.

Her first post:


Pretty neat, huh? Turns out Mr. Freeze was born in the Oregon State Sheep Barn managed by Mary Meaker, who brings in volunteers to serve as a “Lambing Crew” during lambing season. The volunteers, some from the Oregon State Sheep Club, take shifts each day and night (yes, all night — Kaylyn’s is from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m.) to make sure lambing mothers and newborns stay healthy, among other things.

Kaylyn posted 40+ comments on the Reddit thread, answering all and any questions, including if Mr. Freeze does his business in her backpack. In fact, Kaylyn took it upon herself to scrounge the baby isle of the grocery store for diapers that fit. Then she took Mr. Freeze to class. To keep him warm, she had to.

“My teachers are great,” she said. “I just took him to class and he was actually very quiet.”


Out and about, Mr. Freeze is a celebrity. Kaylyn rarely walks through campus without being stopped by somebody asking for a picture, or to just pet the lamb.

It has been a stellar run for the 10-day old Mr. Freeze, ending with great news: he is back with his mother, nursing and healthy.

All thanks to the Oregon State volunteer and veterinarian-to-be, Kaylyn Gillespie.

reddit  the front page of the internet

You can view and read the entire Reddit thread here. And here’s a bunch of photos of Kaylyn and Mr. Freeze.



Football Ticket Giveaway: Oregon State vs. USC, Nov. 1

We have some last minute extra tickets to give away for tomorrow’s game — two pairs. Below the photo, you will find easy steps to enter our random drawing. You can have a maximum of eight qualifying entries. The contest ends tonight at 9 p.m. PT. Two winners will be contacted and results will be updated on this post by 9 a.m. PT tomorrow. Be sure to use a valid email address, as we will use it to contact you if you are selected. Good luck, Nation, and GO BEAVS!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations, Photo Contest Winners

What’s a 4th of July without a little Beaver spirit?

#OSU4TH showed us how Beaver Nation spent the holiday. From food to fireworks and everything it between, it was a tough decision to narrow it down to the top three.

Drumroll, please..


First Place, iPod Nano:


Second Place, iHome wireless bluetooth speaker:


Tie for Third, Beaver Gear: 

We can’t forget about our honorable mentions:

If you are one of the lucky winners be sure to check your social media messages or comments.

Thanks to everyone who participated, we love seeing the faces of Beaver Nation!



Photo Contest: Beaver Nation does the Fourth of July

independence-2There will be a lot of celebration going on Thursday. Family, friends, games, fireworks and good food. So, we wonder: How does Beaver Nation celebrate the Fourth of July?

That said, we want you to show us. Using the hashtag #OSU4TH on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, post a picture of what you’re up to. Maybe it’s a photo of you and the fam under the fireworks? Or that delicious meal you served/ate? Be as creative as you like, and remember: whatever the post, be sure to use the hashtag. (#OSU4TH)

At the end of the day Friday, the contest will close and the top-3 photos will be selected over the weekend. On Monday, the winners will be revealed. Extra points if you include Beaver gear.

Oh wait — what’s a contest without prizes?



1st place: iPod Nano

2nd place: iHome wireless bluetooth speaker

3rd place: Beaver gear



IMPORTANT NOTE: Whatever platform you post on, be sure the post (Facebook) — or your profile (Instagram, Twitter) — is public. If you are uncomfortable doing either, feel free to send your photos to Entries will count equally in the running for prizes.

We’re pumped to see what you come up with, Nation. Happy Fourth, stay safe and Go Beavs!


Social Media, Class of 2013 and #BeaverGrad2013

Oregon State’s commencement ceremony is special to many. From the last walk through campus to receiving your actual diploma (not just the cover for it), Beaver graduation is unique for all the participants.

IMG_5905 (small)

One of the neatest things we did this year, and for the first time, was really push a social media agenda. Using a #BeaverGrad2013 hashtag, we encouraged graduates and those in the crowd to band together online and interact with each other, talk about the ceremony and share their stories as the day progressed. We had a fantastic response.

Overall, the hashtag was used 545 times on Twitter and 495 times on Instagram (that’s 495 photos!). In addition, we received more than 1,000 new page ‘likes’ on Face

book, and nearly 400 new followers on Twitter and Instagram, each.


The biggest number, however, was 700,000. That’s how many total people saw the #BeaverGrad2013 hashtag on Twitter alone in just four hours Saturday, an extraordinary number. Folks from 27 different countries tweeted using the tag. People, in Oregon and across the world, knew Oregon State was graduating.

After the jump, we’d like to share some of the (hilarious) social media highlights, timeline style.

Continue reading

Mom’s Weekend on Social Media

It was another successful Mom’s Weekend here at Oregon State University, as our students brought their mothers on campus for an event-filled weekend. We asked them to use the hashtag #MotherNation on Twitter and Instagram to help Beaver Nation keep track of their adventures. We also pulled in the #MomsWeekend2013 hashtag. Below are a number of our favorites:


Sigma alpha brunch for moms weekend! #sigmaalpha #momsweekend #mothernation #brunch #yum #mom

See, this is cute:

You know #momsweekend2013 was a success when your mom now owns a pair of #sperrys. I've got the Greek out of her. She'll be rushing a sorority in the fall 

<a href=Mom's weekend :) #mothernation

And yes, moms still like to have a good time:

It takes the best to raise the best #momsweekend2013

These ‘staches, though:

Mom's Weekend 2013 #mothernation

5k fun run with the mom and bro :) @mamamckenzie3 #momsweekend #momnation #imsooutofshape

Beautiful campus! Beautiful company! Happy mothers weekend to all Osu community #MotherNation #BeaverNation #Momsweekend

Had a great weekend with my mom! #momsweekend2013

Shaved ice with my momma ☺ #mothernation #yummy #funtimes @mamamckenzie3

Big shoutout to @yanickmesa for his contribution:

Market of choice! Great starting point to moms weekend!! #mothernation

Moms weekend = family entourage #mothernation #family

Ready for another beautiful day in beaver nation #mothernation #muquad

Screen printing tradition #newink #mothernation

And finally …

We agree, Anne Marie (that rhymed). They are all amazing!

Thank you to everybody who participated. Seeing the faces of this great university is always a pleasure. Until next time, Beaver Nation.


Our Twitter.

Our Instagram.


#BeaverNation to #MotherNation


Mom’s Weekend 2013 is upon us, which is always an exciting time on campus. Because, well, we’re proud of our Oregon State moms.

That said, let’s show the world that we do Mom’s Weekend right.

Using the hashtag #MotherNation on Twitter and Instagram, keep us in-the-know with what you are up to during your time in Corvallis.

Maybe a photo of the two of you eating a meal together? (Who’s paying?)

Or you can post about the events you’re at or who you’re hanging out with — there’s a lot going on.

And hey, the more mothers you have in your photos, the better!

At the end of it all, we’ll update this blog with some of our favorite posts, which can be written, in pictures, videos or even a Vine. We’ll give you some love on our social media sites, too!

So hop on those handles this weekend and keep us updated. Don’t forget the hashtag so we can all keep track of what’s going on.

Let’s see what you’ve got, Nation.




Our Instagram. Our Twitter.


Oregon State University Bracket Challenge


UPDATE: Winners have been announced and prizes have been sent. Thank you all for participating!

Beaver Nation,

It’s that time of year: NCAA March Madness. And you know what that means? Brackets. Lots of brackets.

Who’s going to take it all? Who will be this year’s Cinderella team? Sports fans, non-sports fans, you make the call.

We’ll have two bracket groups, run through ESPN. All you have to do is hit the links below and log in via Facebook, or create an ESPN profile real quick.

You’ll be prompted to provide a password to join each group. That password is beavernation. The challenge is set to private, one entry per person, per group. Meaning, one person can submit two brackets, one in each of the following groups:

Men’s bracket group: HERE

Women’s bracket group: HERE

At the end of it all, the top three finishers in each league will receive a package of Beaver gear, among other awesome things, mailed right to their home. We’ll contact winners through the ESPN group at tournament’s end. Check back here for updates.

Oh, and of course, if our bracket wins the whole thing, you guys have to send us free stuff.


Just kidding.

Best of luck, Nation.


~ Oregon State University



Tonight’s Rebranding Coverage, Live Feed, Social Media

At 6:30 p.m. tonight, Oregon State will unveil its new brand identity, complete with uniforms, marks and more. Student-athletes and Benny will model all the new gear at the first-look event, open to the public. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

If you are unable to be at the CH2M HILL Alumni Center, a worldwide live video feed will be available here: LIVE FEED.

We will also have full coverage on our main social networks.

Live updates: Twitter

Regular updates: Facebook, Instagram