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Mar 21, 2011

Off to the Races

OK, there aren’t actually going to be any races, but I am heading out on a 4-day weekend road-trip to the ‘world famous’ Clubmans Show and Swap Meet in San Jose later this week.

This show is right across the street from Rabers Parts Mart, where I have been buying Triumph parts for my prior project, and while on the phone with them, they suggested I come to this annual event for spectacular savings and excitement! Time off from work was granted, Capt Kirk or Naomi Price got me a good deal on a near-by room and my brother-in-law (vintage motorcycle man extraordinaire) will meet me there on Saturday!

Hopefully this will be a rewarding trip, as you can see in the spreadsheet below, I have a lot of parts to acquire…

Above is merely a partial list – I’ve been spending hours in the parts book and assembly video insuring each missing or damaged part is listed. Hopefully I’ll return home with every item checked off.

In the shop there’s been some progress to report. I acquired an oil tank from the ‘mechanic up the road’ this weekend (more on the evolution of that relationship some other day) and was able to cobble a mount for it as pictured below. I’ve rotated it about 20 degrees counter clockwise to raise the filler neck to the highest possible position to maximize the amount of oil it will hold. I put some work into the front forks, but met a roadblock there – pics on that, later.


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