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Aug 21, 2011

Them’s the Brakes

Looks can be deceiving – In the last chapter it looked like the front brakes were all done. Well… they were bolted on to the bracket we made, but after I bled the air from the system, I discovered the brakes squeezed the rotor when I pulled on the handle (good) but letting go of the handle did not release the brakes (not good).

The caliper that I purchased (used) on eBay looked to be in good shape, but in fact it needed to have its seals replaced.

Here’s a photo I took to help me be sure I was going to be able to put it back together, but I’ll show it to you so you can see where the seals go.  The pistons were forced out with compressed air.

Caliper in the vise

After rebuilding the brake caliper and installing it, it became obvious there were some alignment issues. While there was smooth freedom for the rotor disc to spin through the brake pads, I could hear some grinding from the wheel rubbing on the fork leg. Adding a 1/16″ shim to move the wheel away from the fork, somehow made the tire move a full 1/4″ and rub on the fork-brace (see below).

Solving one problem creates another

After sitting down, looking at the problem, scratching my head, taking the wheel apart over and over during the better part of a Saturday evening, I fell upon an answer which was to reduce the thickness of the spacer on the other side (see below). This way I was able to keep the grinding sound at bay and re-centered the tire in the fork-brace (picture and video below).

Front brakes still aren’t done. New brake pads have been ordered and the brake hose is way too long. I will visit a logging outfitter tomorrow (they’re hydraulic experts) to see about having a new one built and the new rear shocks should be here tomorrow too.

Centered and spinning free without noise


The mechanic up the road says I’ll be bringing home the engine cases by the end of the week – That’ll be nice ; -)

Addendum Sep 13th – the ‘end of the week’ Aug 21 came and went and zero progress from the mechanic up the road. No surprise here, but it’s beginning to look like I’m going to have to the the sheriff to go out there with me once again to get my stuff back. The next chapter should be a Duesy…



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