Hello Faithful Readers! If you followed my first blog,you know it actually started with this motorcycle. I lost this motorcycle and now I have it back.

Edit – This blog is pretty long – Here’s a webpage of just the pictures http://serveronthewall.com/TR6C-Gallery/index.html

The story begins when I purchased this one; May 2009:

A 1967 Triumph TR6C ‘desert sled’

Then three years later we finally got all the way to here. Follow along…


I had it in the beginning, then I ‘lost’ it, so I bought another one a few months later:

Looks hopeless, but …

with time and money, was able to turn it into this:

Li’l RedHot 500cc Triumph Street-Tracker

But this blog is not about the Li’l RedHot, This blog is about the losing, the the return of, and hopefully the rebuilding of the motorcycle in the top picture. Seventeen months ago I took the motorcycle in the top picture to a mechanic up the road and after a good start, lots of money, time lost, frustration, heartbreak and legal action, I got that motorcycle back. In the picture below, you can see that some of the parts have been painted and some of the parts are new – there are almost enough parts in the picture to make a complete motorcycle – I don’t know what that motorcycle will turn out to be… another street-tracker, or a cafe racer perhaps, but with a huge sigh of relief, I can now gaze upon the parts that have finally been returned to me and begin the building process. Before I go too far into the story – I have to say that the relationship that I have with the mechanic up the road is completely repaired from that dark day when I filed suit to get my bike back. We’ve become friends and he’s been helpful to me at every turn. Here’s what I have – let’s see where it goes!

The 500cc Li’l RedHot in the back – 650 parts in the front

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