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From Kentucky Mud to Oregon Trails…




This story is about a 1967 Triumph motorcycle. This story is about a 1967 Triumph motorcycle that was pulled from the mud of Eastern Kentucky and shipped to Corvallis Oregon. It arrived in hopeless condition. Could it be saved? The story has a good ending, but…

This 1967 Triumph story begins with another 1967 Triumph. Not that I used to own a Triumph and wanted to have one again. Different than that.

I work at Oregon State University because my wife is a graduate student there. We used to live in Ashland. She got a Masters in Management degree and I got laid off. She was invited to come to Oregon State to pursue her PhD and I tagged along. Long story short, we moved to Corvallis, the University hired me and together we ride our bicycles through a covered bridge to the campus. It’s a very nice life.

Her program has brought her some nice opportunities – including some opportunity to travel. One recent trip took her to Copenhagen. Since I wasn’t going with her to Copenhagen, and being the delightful person that she is, wanting to keep things fair and even, she said “Why don’t you go look around that motorcycle show and buy yourself a motorcycle.” Inside, I said “Huh?”

Wow. This is the same woman who 15 years earlier, with the complete support of my daughter, said “Get rid of it.”  referring the to the tricked-out RD400 Yamaha I had just picked up (for next to nothing) the day before. She meant it. My daughter backed her up. Within two days that treasure I’d dreamed of (0-60 in under 4 seconds) was gone. Another motorcycle someday? Not likely. But wait a minute… What did she say?

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