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Oct 11, 2011

Progress Report

Hello Readers and Happy Birthday to me !

Here’s some pictures showing the progress to date. The current challenges are fitting parts that came from other motorcycles or just making things up as we go. I don’t have a rear brake pedal. Adding a spin-on oil filter is a strongly suggested step as the original design merely had a screen to weed out unwanted debris, but where would a person put one?

My engine cases went to the mechanic up the road months ago for fitment of the camshafts only to discover those engine cases were in very poor shape and should not be used. He offered to trade me for a set that would work and he’d use mine for a project that didn’t need an alternator (the studs holding the alternator in my case were loose like a 6 year old’s baby teeth) – I accepted the trade, but without having any engine cases at my shop, it would be impossible to tell how to fit / fabricate a brake pedal.

Now that I have my old engine cases ‘on loan’ I can begin to suss out how the brake pedal is going to go.

Is this foot peg bent or is that the way they are?


The following picture shows the electrics under the seat, the green ignition coil and the added oil filter. At the bottom I’ve begun laying out the exhaust pipes so I can worry about how to make attachment brackets for them.

fitting the parts


Here’s some pictures showing where we’re at so far.

taking shape : -)
Probably going to replace the pad with bare foam
Police officer’s view

After a few days looking – the foot pegs I picked up at the swap meet in San Jose last year don’t look right. The foot rest part seems to point forward, and not because it’s bent. The material is a heavy casting and can’t be easily bent and not only that but I think I accidentally picked up two for the right side. Neither are horizontal – one tilts up and the other tilts down (if mounted left and right.

A solution may be to fit the folding foot pegs I picked up a the (now closed) motorcycle junk yard when I first bought the bike. Since the bike came without foot pegs or a rear brake pedal, I have a blank slate to fashion anything I want in the place of the missing original ones.

Here’s my thinking today: Use a longer bolt on the left side foot peg and use the excess as a pivot for the (yet to be fabricated) brake pedal.

Next – Make a pedal to pivot on the protruding bolt
After the brake pedal is made I’ll add more pictures
Rider’s view
Will there be clearance for the clutch cable? Yes.
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