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Feb 8, 2011

All The Missing

I finally began the process of taking an inventory – determining exactly what parts were returned from the ‘mechanic up the road’  when the sheriff and I showed up with my judgment in hand. At first glance, the collection returned to me was pretty impressive. My frame and engine cases with their matching numbers came back (the most important parts – as I went to a lot of trouble to get a title based on those numbers). I had new wheels & tires, a new cylinder head, pistons & rings, and some small buckets of parts that looked like my bits.

There were promises to provide the obvious missing items… he’d later give me some nice racing camshafts, he’d provide valves for the cylinder head and do a first-rate valve-job while I waited, etc.

Last night I started laying out the whole picture…

I have a complete parts book and starting with page one (of twenty three) I began comparing what I had and what the book showed me I’d need to put my bike back together.

Shocking – the details are shocking. I spent several hours and was able to compare the first 7 pages and with each page, the picture just got worse and worse.

There’s no oil pump. There’s no clutch basket. There’s no alternator, There’s no pushrod tubes. There’s no timing cover. There’s only about half of the transmission. There’s no rear brakes. There’s no front brakes. There’s no fork tubes – and that’s only the first third of the parts book!

We’re going out of town this weekend, so I won’t be able to confront the issue until the following week. But I may have to gather up some sort of ‘collection department’ to get the remainder of my judgment satisfied.

Here’s the picture so far. More will be revealed…


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