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Chapter 7

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Mar 15, 2011

Sold the L’il RedHot – This build is a GO

Today I gazed longingly at my T100 during a break in the showers, but was warned not to jinx my sale – what could be worse than having a crash on that ‘one final ride’ after the bike has been sold – so I set my sights on the new project. Got out the cylinder head, jugs and rocker boxes that were returned to me from the mechanic who had my bike for 18 months and fit them together – to make sure everything was from the same era… and while I’m no expert, the threaded holes are BSF, so I’m pretty sure this stuff is period correct for 1967. I did not get my push rod tubes back and as expensive as they are, getting the right ones is important.

Stripped the parts from the rocker boxes, and shined them up with a wire wheel – sure, it’s only temporary, but they look grand and it was nice to get my hands in some parts again.

Choosing the style:

The bike as I bought it – incomplete ‘Desert Sled’

Steve McQueen’s Desert Sled

Stock 1967 TR6C – The pipes I’m thinking of

A 1967 Bonneville for comparison


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