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Engineering for Students  August 11th, 2014

Scientists and teachers are trying to find ways to make engineering design easier for students to understand.  Some students have a difficult time understanding how engineering is different than science.  They also struggle making engineering design more than tinkering.  The Boston Museum of Science has developed a simple design process that makes engineering understandable to students.  It consists of five steps that help students know what to do at each stage of the cycle:  ask, imagine, plan, create, and improve.  We will discuss the design process at the teacher workshop and hope that it will engineering activities easier to manage and understand.

Saving White City’s Air  August 11th, 2014

Recently White City, Oregon has been experiencing a problem and we can help them.  They have a pile of wood chips that covers 6 acres to a height of 40 feet that has the tendency to spontaneously ignite during the hot summers – threatening nearby homes and blanketing the town in smoke for days.  This town is the environment in four additional activities for the teacher workshop.  The town creates a nice motivation for students to design bioenergy power plants.  If they can figure out a way to use the wood chips to generate power and use the energy stored in the wood chips everybody wins.

Saving White City I (Middle School)

Saving White City II (Middle School)

Saving White City III (High School)

Saving White City IV (High School)

white city