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Algal Lab  August 8th, 2014

For all ages we created a lab activity to focus on a new type of biofuel grown from algae.  In this activity the class will make and grow their own algae as instructed in the video below.  This algae will then be extracted to show students how much oil can be produced from such a small sample. This will allow students to compare this biofuels to others they have seen in the past.

Hydraulics with Syringes  August 8th, 2014

Hydraulic systems are an important mechanical component of a lot of our daily lives! In this activity, students will brainstorm and build a functional mechanical arm that uses hydraulic systems to perform different tasks. Click here for the lesson plan. Happy inventing!


Team Building Activities  August 8th, 2014

Do you ever need to boost the energy of your club group? Want to build your group’s teamwork in fun, interactive ways? Check out these team-building activities and icebreakers to make your club meetings more exciting and engaging! Click here to access the activities.

Film Canister Rockets  August 8th, 2014

Here’s another awesome activity that we’ll be presenting at our Teachers’ Workshop next week! This is a really fun activity in which students use film canisters to create rockets. Click here to access the lesson plan.

On Ellen’s talkshow, she set off 3,000 film canisters rockets at once! Check it out here:

Amazing Owls  August 8th, 2014

Next week at our Teacher’s Workshop, Renee O’Neill will be presenting a new set of activities about owls, owl pellets, ecosystems, and food webs for use in at the elementary level. We are very excited about these activities, as they are hands-on, interactive, and fun! Check out the different lessons and components at the links below. We look forward to seeing you at our Workshop!

If you are interested in ordering owl pellets from researcher Rebecca Terry for dissection in your SMILE clubs, please contact Renee O’Neill at



Lesson 1

All About Owls: click here

All About Owls Powerpoint: click here

Habitat Activity: click here

Whooo Am I Brochures: click here


Lesson 2

Owl Pellet Dissection (Part 1): click here

Bone Identification Sheet: click here


Lesson 3

Owl Pellet Dissection (Part 2): click here

Mice and Munchies: click here


Lesson 4

Specialists vs. Generalists: click here


Lesson 5

I’m in Danger: click here


Other activities:

Survivor: click here