Proteins, gah…..Proteins, gah……Smoothies, YAY!!!!!

Alright guys! So I checked up on the Bubble Tea/Smoothie place on Monroe and 14th. It opens at 11:30am on Wednesdays….this is a problem for sure. If somehow we are able to meet this (would mean we would hang out outside and then grab smoothies and be done) then its fine by me. But I suggest Yogurt Extreme which is up the street on Monroe. Its a great little place. I understand Dr. McFadden is not such a fan and for the most part, I am not a HUGE fan of it but it beats the heck out of waiting outside for smoothies.

Just my 2 cents! (Valuable 2 cents if you aks me 😛 ) If this is also not a good choice, then we could potentially go to one of the dining halls on campus and get ice cream but that would be TOTALLY boring. Again, my 2 cents. GO GO GO guys! Make a decision!

P.S. I just want smoothies or something, come on!!!

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  1. Callia says:

    Hey Min, can yogurt extreme make milkshakes/yogurt shakes? That sounds good to me as a substitute for wholesome smoothies.

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