“Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.”

~~Maggie Kuhnmaggie_kuhn, founder of the Gray Panthers, 1970 .

The Gray Panthersgray panthers is a group of people advocating for the rights of oldsters (among other things). Aging is the brunt of many jokes. At least in the US. Unfortunately.

A long time friend of mine says  aging. If you get there, it takes as long as it takes. (Some people say the years wiz by as the days drag on and on and on…I know this first hand.)

Another long time friend relayed the NPR story about aging, which says anchovies, rosemary, vino, and leisure are the answers. Now I’m not saying that anchovies, rosemary, vino, and leisure are the reason evaluation as a discipline has come as far as it has in the last 50+ years; I’m just saying that perhaps we need to look a little deeper than just the surface. I think Maggie Kuhn says it clearly:  “Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.”

Stand up for what you believe! (even if your voice shakes).

I believe that evaluation makes a difference.

I believe that there is a need for evaluation.

I believe that y’all do evaluation every day in the choices you make.choice

No one said making choices would be easy…even getting out of bed in the morning! If make a choice, you take a chance; if you take a chance your life will change. choice-3

So how will you stand up today? What choice will you make? Speak your mind unambiguously!

New Topic: I learned today that Will Shadish died on March 27, 2016sadish-2

Will was very active as a quantitative psychologist and an evaluator. We served AEA together.  I will miss him.

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