Today is the middle of Spring Break at Oregon State University.

What did you do today that involved thinking evaluatively?

Did you decide to go to work?work-clip art

Did you decide to go to the beach?oregon beach

Did you decide you were sick?sick clip art

Did you decide you would work in the yard/garden?garden clip art

Did you decide to stop and smell the roses?smell the roses

Deciding is making a decision (of which you have only three choices–decide to do it, decide not to do it , or decide not to decide). Making those decisions is thinking evaluatively. Perhaps you did all of them (although going to the beach in the rain isn’t my idea of a good time–even to “get away”)? What criteria did you use? What decisions did you make?

The new term starts Monday, March 30, 2015 at OSU; it is already the second half of the second semester at schools who are using a semester calendar. When I was an undergraduate, I wanted to do anything besides go to classes; the weather was so fine. I was a diligent student, however, for a while at least.

How did you spend the week of spring break? Evaluatively?

mytwo cents.


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