There has been a somewhat lengthy discussion regarding logic models on EvalTalk,listserv an evaluation listserv sponsored by the American Evaluation AssociationAEA logo. (Check out the listserv archivesEVALTALK Archives.)  This discussion has been called in the subject line, “Logic model for the world?” The discussion started on January 26, 2015. The most telling (at least to me) was a statement that appeared January 30, 2015:

“The problem is not the instrument. All instruments can be mastered as a matter of technique. The problem is that logic models mistake the nature of evaluative knowledge – which is neither linear nor rational.” (Saville Kushner, EvalTalk, January 30, 2015).

The follow-up of this discussion talks about tools, specifically hammers (Bill Fear, EvalTalk, January 30, 2015). Fear says, “Logic is only a tool. It does not exist outside of the construction of the mind.”

Since Fear opened the discussion of social constructions,Social-Constructionism  it seems to me that humon is just trying to make sense out of many illogical approaches to solutions through the use of whatever tool (model, social construction) s/he can grasp. Evaluators are only humon; social constructions help them to make sense of the world.

Are logic models passe? Since they have been around a long time (see the EvalTalk discussion), probably not, especially in light of the fact that they are used by humons who are trying (desperately) to make sense out of the world through any way possible (hence, social constructions). Just keep in mind, the tool is only as good as the crafts(wo)man who uses it.


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