I blogged earlier this week on civility, community, compassion, and comfort.  I indicated that these are related to evaluation because it is part of the values of evaluation (remember the root of evaluation is value)–is it mean or is it nice…Harold Jarche talked today about these very issues phrasing it as doing the right thing…if you do the right thing, it is nice.  His blog post only reinforces the fact that evaluation is an everyday activity and that you (whether you are an evaluator or not) are the only person who can make a difference.  Yes, it usually takes a village.  Yes, you usually cannot see the impact of what you do (we can’t get easily to world peace).  Yes, you can be the change you want to see.  Yes, evaluation is an every day activity.  Make nice, folks.  Try a little civility; expand your community; remember compassion.  Comfort is the outcome. Comfort seems like a good outcome.  So does doing the right thing.

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