An important question that evaluators ask is, “What difference is this program making?”  Followed quickly with, “How do you know?”

Recently, I happened on a blog called {grow} and the author, Mark Schaefer,  had a post called, “Did this blog make a difference?”  Since this is a question as an evaluator I am always asking, I jumped on the page.  Mr. Schaefer is in marketing and as a marketing expert he says the following, “You’re in marketing for one reason: Grow. Grow your company, reputation, customers, impact, profits. Grow yourself. This is a community that will help. It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way.”  So I wondered how relevant this blog would be to me and other evaluators whether they blogged or not.

Mr. Schaefer is taking stock of his blog–a good thing to do for a blog that has been posted for a while.  So although he lists four innovations, he asks the reader to “…be the judge if it made a difference in your life, your outlook, and your business.”  The four innovations are

  1. Paid contributing columnists.  He actually paid the folks who contributed to his blog; not something those of us in Extension can do.
  2. {growtoons}. Cartoons designed specifically for the blog that “…adds an element of fun and unique social media commentary.”  Hmmm…
  3. New perspectives. He showcased fresh deserving voices; some that he agreed with and some that he did not.  A possibility.
  4. Video. He did many video blogs and that gave him the opportunity to “…shine the light on some incredible people…”  He interviews folks and posts the short video.  Yet another possibility.

His approach seems really different to what I do.  Maybe it is the content; maybe it is the cohort; maybe it is something else.  Maybe there is something to be learned from what he does.  Maybe this blog is making a difference.  Only I don’t know.  So, I take a clue from Mr. Schaefer and ask you to judge if it has made a difference in what you do–then let me know.  I’ve imbedded a link  to a quick survey that will NOT link to you nor in anyway identify you.  I will only be  using the findings for program improvement.  Please let me know.  Click here to link to the survey.


Oh, and I won’t be posting next week–spring break and I’ll be gone.


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29 thoughts on “Is this blog making a difference?

  1. Absolutely this blog is making a difference. I’ll pop out to the survey as well (how appropriate that this you are generating qualitative data 🙂 for this blog), but I wanted to write a quick note. Keep it up.

  2. Excellently written article, if only all blogger offered the same level of content as you, the internet would be a much better place. Please keep it up!.Great tips, I would like to join your blog anyway.Waiting for some more review.Thank you….

  3. I would say any blog that has regular readers makes a difference in some way to those readers.

    As for the survey, the link doesn’t appear to be working, but I’m currently traveling in Nepal, so it might just be a country specific problem.

  4. The survey closed a few weeks after the post, Daniel. It is no longer active. Thanks for your post.

  5. I read all the comments. I don’t reply to them all. Notices can be received by subscription with instructions on the left side of the blog. I blog almost weekly.

  6. Its refreshing to see an academic even pose the question “does this blog make a difference”. It appears your posts are thoughtful, relevant and well rounded. Keep up the good work!

  7. The best part about reading blogs versus mainstream content is that they dive into real-life experiences and render lessons which add value other lives. This blog not only offer an insightful viewpoint on marketing, but also delivered solutions on how to to a attain this philosophy. Great post. If you ever need online video tutorials or a platform let us know. Let’s collaborate on something soon.

  8. I just recently started a blog to market my gym software product. I am practicing 2 out of the 4 innovations that Mr. Schaefer utilizes. Your blog is making a difference because now I know of two other strategies to start implementing. Thank you for paying your knowledge forward!

  9. This article is very amazing, I was very impressed at all. I hope you keep on posting that is always beneficial. Thank you very much

  10. How did you find this specific article? What key words did you enter into your search engine? What made this article amazing for you?

  11. Hi Englem.
    The blog can make a difference in the ocean of other blogs if it delivers a special story and value for readers.

    I’d say even a story is more important. As a famous marketing expert and author of marketing bestsellers, Seth Godin, says, that your story should be authentic. It is much different from lie. And at the same time it should be more story than dry facts. That’s marketing after all.

  12. Hi Englem,

    I believe every blog that is delivering great content makes a difference. Since you are blogging from 2009, you provided a lot of great info.

    That’s what we (readers) want, great info and solutions to our problems.

    Thanks for your contribution and continue with your work.

  13. Blogging provides two distinct benefits, engages the reader with new content, but also expands on the sites cyber footprint, thus increasing CTR and Impressions in the search engines

  14. Any blog with unique content that reaches out and captures peoples imaginations is important. You can tell by the number of responses to the question ‘does this blog make a difference’. We make a difference to everyone we meet each day in some way on another.

  15. Hell yeah this blog is making alot of difference. I’d recommend you to conduct an online survey that you can shoot in your daily/monthly newsletters to know the results. Sounds good?

  16. We like to think our blog makes a difference in a very small way by giving us a voice to showcase our work, talk abou our industry and show everyone that we care about what we do and that we have something to offer.

  17. Awesome Molly,
    An impressive and interesting information about blog who makes difference to blogger, also shared its knowledge and experience to grow up Newbie.
    Thanks for sharing and great effort or enjoyed to reading this article. Thumb’s up… 🙂

  18. Thanks, Daniel, for the kind words. It is amazing how over the last six-plus years how my readership has grown. I don’t know if there are many who come back or not as I do not keep track. That I am getting responses from around the world today with thoughtful comments is sufficient.

  19. Blogs give us a voice online. It’s not just to have a page but to deliver a message. In my humble opinion, the most important thing is putting out a message. So yes, it does make a difference.

  20. Although blogs give us an online voice that can deliver a message, just putting out a message isn’t always the answer. Yes, putting out the message gives food for thought; provides a different perspective, and offers a venue for opinion, is it worth it (does it make a difference) if that message is delivered to the choir?

  21. There is an option (with directions) to subscribe to the blog posted on the left hand side of the blog page.
    Hope you do subscribe.

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