For my new year’s post, I mentioned that AEA is running a series blog posts in aea365 written by evaluators who blog.  Susan Kistler has compiled a schedule of who will be blogging in aea365 when.  This link will take you to the full series and be updated as new posts come online  The results of Susan’s request is that evaluators who blog will post to aea365 one week a month, starting the last week in December.  January posts will run January 22-27; February posts will run February 12-17; March, the 18th-23; April will run 22-25.

I’ve mentioned aea365 before.  I’ll mention it again.  You can subscribe either by email or RSS feed.  The blogs are archived.  They are not specific to any aspect of evaluation.  Some times they are interesting and helpful; sometimes not.  The variety is rich; the effort tremendous; and the resources useful.  Check it out.

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  1. Email subscriptions will drop a notice of a new post and the post into your email account. An RSS subscription will drop new posts into a specified folder.

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