Undergraduate Researchers


Olivia Arvas is in her Junior year earning a B.S. in Environmental Science, specializing in conservation, resource management, and sustainability. In the Seascape Ecology Lab, Olivia assists with analyzing phytoplankton biodiversity using the lab’s Imaging Flow Cytobot (IFCb) and manually annotates images of preserved phytoplankton samples to aid in tuning an automated plankton classifier. After she completes her undergraduate degree, she would like to pursue a career in marine habitat restoration and coral reef conservation. In her spare time, Olivia likes to cook, journal, take care of her house plants, read, and spend copious amounts of time on the coast.


Jessica Cedergreen is in her sophomore year earning her B.S. in Oceanography at Oregon State University. In the Seascape Ecology Lab, she analyzes phytoplankton composition in the water column using an Imaging Flow Cytobot (IFCb), and participated in building a custom water filtration system with two of the graduate students in Kavanaugh’s lab. Post graduation, her goal is to continue in oceanography, doing field research into the deep ocean. Jessica enjoys reading, drawing, hiking, and photography on the Washington and Oregon Coasts. (The dog is named Rosie)

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