Research Assistants


Kelly George earned her B.S. in Ocean Science in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at OSU in 2020.  Before transferring to OSU for her third year pursuing her degree, she studied biological science at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  She is currently working with Dr. Maria Kavanaugh as a Faculty Research Assistant in the Seascape Ecology Plankton Lab.  With Dr. Kavanaugh, she studies plankton biodiversity in the Northern California Current through remote sensing, bio-optics, and experimentation. Much of her work involves measurements and experiments using an Imaging Flow Cytobot (IFCB) and BD Biosciences FACSCalibur flow cytometer.  She is also currently utilizing a manual annotator program to identify photos of the phytoplankton and zooplankton taken with the IFCB, and using this information to help tune an automated plankton classifier.  When she is not working with Dr. Kavanaugh, Kelly enjoys taking care of her pets and her plants, as well as getting outside and exploring the wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

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