Former Lab Members


Becky Smoak earned her Master’s degree in the Marine Resource Management program at OSU in March 2023. Before entering the Master’s program, she graduated in May of 2020 from Washington State University with a B.S. in Earth and Environmental Science, and minors in Biology and Forestry. She was a 2019 REU Intern in CEOAS working under Dr. Maria Kavanaugh where she conducted field-based research in plankton ecology. She was awarded the 2020-21 Cooperative Institute for Marine Resource Management Resource Studies Graduate Fellowship. Her graduate studies focused on developing phytoplankton-based indicators of food quality which will benefit state agencies, NOAA fisheries management, and the fishing industry. During her time with the Kavanaugh Lab, she worked in collaboration between scientists at Oregon State University and NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC). Besides her love of ecology, Becky loves showing dressage with her horse and competed on the WSU Equestrian team while pursuing her undergraduate degree at WSU. She loves spending time with animals of all shapes and sizes and exploring the beauty of the West Coast.


Willem Klajbor completed his Master’s Degree in Marine Resource Management from OSU in October 2020. Will is originally from Rochester, NY and graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2018 with degrees in Environmental Science & Policy and Economics and a minor in GIS. His thesis research examined the relationships between dynamic, satellite-based seascapes and forage fish assemblages in the California Current. Additionally, as part of the NSF National Research Traineeship Program at OSU, Will worked in a transdisciplinary team of graduate students that sought to classify distinct regions of environmental stress for living marine resources in the Gulf of Alaska through space and time. Will now lives in Washington, DC and works as a NOAA Knauss Marine Policy Fellow. When he’s not working, Will can be found on a nearby trail or reading in his hammock! Will can be contacted by sending an email to


Nichola Gregory earned her B.S in Ocean Science and minor in Marine Biology at Oregon State University. In the Seascape Ecology Lab, Nichola worked as an undergraduate intern who helped in the analysis of samples using an Imaging Flow Cytobot (IFCb). After graduating, her goal is to continue working within marine sciences, with a special interest in coastal oceanography research and management. Nichola enjoys cooking, trying new crafts, and visiting the Oregon coast & tidepooling.

KATHRYN LUNSFORD – Former undergraduate research intern

RYAN MOON – Former student research assistant

SAMANTHA DE VORE – Former student research assistant

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