By Eric Callahan, English major, CLA Ambassador

The summer was an exciting time to be working in the College of Liberal Arts office. As the months went by and the days grew shorter, the move from Gilkey to the renovated Bexell Hall loomed larger. For us ambassadors, the new Bexell office was just a legend in those summer days. Without being able to see it, we could only imagine what wondrous and splendid changes the new office would bring. Fall finally arrived and that vision became a reality. The new space was huge in comparison, and its large windows and spacious design made the whole room feel bright and open. But, everything was not entirely peachy yet… Furniture had to be brought in, fixtures had to be completed, and the final touches were still missing. Notably, the large front desk was yet to be completed. This was fine, as we worked from a small table, simply happy to be in the new space and dreaming of the new desk.

The first term of the school year seemed to happen in only seven weeks to me. Everything was so busy and hectic. However, it was a good kind of busy. The kind that feels productive, with school projects that you are invested in, and classes that you don’t want to miss. And working in the new space was full of interesting challenges. Improvisations and creative solutions had to be made as we worked from our small desk. Still, that new desk sat just around the corner as a reminder that things got better, and bigger. As fall was closing and finals reared their ugly head, the new desk was finally ours. I remember moving over the computers, files, office supplies, and other items that overflowed our small desk, and then suddenly wondering what we would fill the other 80% of the desk with. Over time we managed to find the spot for everything, and no longer needed to stack folders in piles.

As the New Year and the new term began, the CLA finally felt all moved in. On the first Friday of the term, an Open House was held. The new space looked sleek, clean, professional, and was ready to be shown off. It was fun working that Friday as the Open House went on. Students and teachers alike came through our office, and it was great to see them connect and talk with each other, the advisors, and the ambassadors. Benny’s Donuts supplied some delectable donuts (I recommend the maple with sea salt donut; there’s something about sea salt on sweets that is irresistible). There were hot drinks, and other snacks as well, but the donuts stole the show and were gone very early in the open house. Even if we ordered 10,000 donuts I bet they still would have been all gone by the end of the day. The day was capped off with a reception, in which Dean Larry Rodgers spoke. President Ed Ray as well as numerous faculty and student were there. Having been through all of the renovations and technical difficulties associated with the new office, it felt great to open it to everyone and show that it was worth the wait. The new space is stylish and welcoming. I always love looking up and seeing students studying at the tables under the tall windows. It’s nice to have a space for CLA students that feels both modern and comfortable.

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