By Hannah Whitley, CLA Ambassador

Do you want to study abroad, but worry that it might break the bank? Have no fear – short-term study abroad are here!

For the past few years, Oregon State has provided students with the opportunity to pair in-class learning and international travel in faculty-led study abroad programs in a variety of disciplines. Ranging anywhere from two to four weeks in length, these short-term programs allow students to gain credit directly applicable to their graduation requirements, travel, and get a taste of education abroad.

From June to July 2014 (the summer after my first year at Oregon State), I was privileged to go abroad with two OSU College of Liberal Arts faculty members and twelve other students for the first annual “London Classroom” study abroad. For three and a half weeks, we used the city of London as our classroom, paring coursework in philosophy, fine art, and Shakespearean literature. This being my first time leaving North America, I was initially nervous to enter the metropolis that is London, but after landing, I felt so at home in the United Kingdom. Throughout the program, I kept a daily blog, held discussions with instructors Keith Scribner and Rebecca Olson about English art, philosophy, and culture, and even wrote papers combining my experience with what was taught in the classroom. While in London, I made the most out of my three weeks, scheduling trips to Stonehenge, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and even taking in a Black Sabbath concert in between classes. My time in London gave me a taste of international travel, and I was so influenced by my first study abroad experience that I chose to go abroad again during the summer of 2015.

Faculty-led study abroad programs are taking OSU students all around the world! Visit for a full list of current and future faculty-led programs being offered today. Also – be sure to check out this recent article by OSU’s student-run newspaper, The Daily Barometer, on faculty-led study abroad programs:

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