Logan Pedersen by Logan Pedersen
This past week I was given the opportunity to travel to an international conference to give a presentation. Over the past three years I have been working in a psychology research lab under the supervision of Dr. Mei-Ching Lien on my own personal research project while collaborating with professors from other universities. Last year I was invited to present this research at the international Psychonomics conference in Long Beach California. Professors from around the world attended the conference to learn more about the cutting edge research that graduate students and faculty have been working on. I was one of only a few undergraduates who was fortunate to be given the opportunity to present at the international conference.

It was at the conference where I met world renowned professors whose work had influenced my research. I also was able to meet my second professor I had been collaborating with in regards to my own research who was from Purdue University. By talking to grad students from other universities about my research I gained incredible insight on graduate programs from universities across the United States within my field of interest. Professors from Australia, Europe, Asia, and from all throughout the US visited my poster to discuss my research with me. The conference was an opportunity that has vastly increased my knowledge within the field of psychology and has provided me with incredible connections for graduate school and beyond. For anyone interested in further education after your undergrad degree I would highly recommend getting involved with undergraduate research. It can provide you with opportunities beyond what you may have ever imagined.

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