Jenna Saperia  By Jenna Saperia

We’ve survived the first week of Fall Term! What now? Now, you get to explore Oregon State!

Game days are a big deal! Football games are a great way to have a break and enjoy the company of fellow Oregon State fans. Camping out for your Homecoming Day ticket is a good way to get pumped for the upcoming game! The atmosphere is electrifying and the cheers are energizing, so get into it! This is a judge free zone!

Try to switch up where you eat! There are so many places on campus that serve delicious food, all on your meal plan. Grab a few neighbors and set off on a food adventure! Whether you are craving Greek food, Chinese food, or American food, campus has got you covered! Changing it up is a great way to make new friends while grabbing a bite in between all that reading!

Events are always going on, so take advantage of them! Oregon State is constantly putting on performances, showing movies, giving away free swag, and educating students. Activities are always changing. There are free bowling nights, Humans vs Zombies, or choir performances. The best part is…it’s all free! Its a great way to make connections and learn about all that you can get involved with. So take your roommate and learn something new!

The lobby of your Residence Halls are a great place to meet people! No matter the time, someone is probably down there. Whether it is during a late night laundry run or you just can’t sleep, someone is down there for you to meet. Watch a movie with friends down there instead of on your tiny laptop screen, and I promise friends will accumulate!

Now that you know the ins and outs of Oregon State, go out and enjoy the rest of your first term!

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