DavidBy David Nauss

We can all feel it coming. The quad is filled with people, jackets are being traded out for tank tops, flip-flops are replacing boots and sunglasses are being worn. Yes summer is right around the corner and people are getting excited. Many people go home for summer, which I am sure is a great time, but as an out of state student I always spend my summers right here in Corvallis. And summer is in Corvallis is great! I will give just a few reasons in this blog why spending the summer in Corvallis may be the best summer of your life but also I encourage you to go and explore for yourself, there are plenty of hidden gems around Corvallis if you go out and find them.

The first item I want to talk about is the least fun but the most important and that is summer classes. Nobody wants to take summer classes but they are a great resource to use. The summer after my freshman year I took all of first year Spanish in a 10 weeks span and last summer a political science class called Sports and Politics and a baccalaureate core music class. Summer classes not only are allowing me to graduate on time, despite missing two terms for a family emergency, but also have allowed me to take just one class my last term of college. Wrapping up if you can take summer classes I encourage you to take them it will help you later on.

The other items on my list are more exciting than summer classes and they all revolve around being outdoors. The first is water activities. Corvallis is lucky enough to be close to many lakes, rivers and creeks so use them. There are many places to go fishing if you want or float down the river. Take advantage of your down time and relax by the water. If you are not a fan of water there are plenty of other activities to do. There are numerous hikes as well to do in Corvallis. Bald Hill and Mary’s Peak are not far outside Corvallis and give excellent views of Oregon’s countryside.

Lastly grab some friends and go play beach volleyball or soccer. The IM fields are still open over summer and unlike during the school year when it is either to cold and rainy to use them or you have class work to do, you have time and sunshine to use. So in conclusion summer in Corvallis is awesome and if you are staying in Corvallis this summer take advantage of all opportunities you have.

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