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As we finish up the term it is often a time to relax our shoulders a bit or want to shrug off final projects and exams. DON’T GIVE IN! Many of you started the term strong and that’s how you should all end it. Here are some tried and true tips to finishing up your courses before heading off to Spring Break.

Try reorganizing, rearranging or redecorating your room or living arrangements: Often times we get stuck looking at the same things over and over again and it can be not only a nice change but also a new way to gain perspective.

Make meals ahead of time and stockpile your freezer: Aim to make a bigger meal that will last you through dead week or finals weeks (try veggie lasagna or a crockpot meal) because we often spend time during the week planning and preparing meals that could be put towards studying or we let our healthy eating go and replace it with fast food which is not good for your brain to run on.

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Dress it up: Looking good can relate to feeling better or more positive about your environment so instead of grabbing sweats all week try to put in a few more minutes with your wardrobe and add some pizzazz to your look (plus all those compliments will put a smile on that stressed out face).

Plan mini breaks: If we go strong all the time we will find ourselves run down and tired so make sure you schedule in some free time for your brain to reset itself.

Keep up the exercise: Always stay on track with working out or being active because it will greatly improve your mood and you’ll be motivated to rock your exams and your yoga class.

Make a playlist: Music can really set your mind up in a particular place so identify (1) what you are doing like studying biology versus writing a history paper and (2) a genre, artist or band that fits what you want.

Work on a variety of projects not  just one: Don’t just focus on one subject for hours on end but instead work piece by piece through your assignments prioritizing what is due first or what final comes early in the week.

Know your resources: Office hours are still available, form a study group or pair up with someone in class to work, visit the writing center or a tutor for an extra set of eyes on a paper and definitely access the free events/lectures/CAPS/puppies in the quad/pancake breakfasts on campus.

Good luck to everyone on your final weeks of winter term and whatever you do make sure you finish how you started STRONG!

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