KatyBy Katy Krieger

Looking to get healthy in the kitchen but still maintain great flavor in your food? Here are some cooking tips that will get you going in the right direction for spring.

Cook with olive oil- extra virgin olive oil has great health benefits and can really add some new pizzazz to your tried and true dishes. Buy a bigger bottle to save some cash and even look for specialty infused ones for more pop (garlic olive oil is my favorite to add in a pan or mix in a vinaigrette).

Whole grain- There are great options out there for whole grain in anything you eat from cereal to bagels so check the labels to see what ingredients are going into the food and your body.

food heartFruits and vegetables- yep that’s right mom is always right and getting in lots of fruits and veggies each day is a must. Try seasonal selections from the Farmer’s Market in downtown Corvallis! Also, throw in some raw veggies or fruits to get all of the benefits they offer (kale is a good addition to salads and avocado is delicious on top of a pasta dish).

Water- Drink tons of water to hydrate (especially in the heat) and avoid loading your body with sugary beverages or energy drinks.

Eat in- I know that sometimes everyone gets sick of cooking but eating in can help you control the ingredients in your meals as well as portion sizes and cost. Save eating out for special occasions or limit yourself to once a week!

Homemade is better- Of course getting pre-made things is easy, but making your own hummus or pita chips is not only rewarding but they taste fresh and perfect to your taste buds! Sites like Pinterest, Martha Stewart online (http://www.marthastewart.com/), and Vegetarian Times ( http://www.vegetariantimes.com/) can help you make easy and tasty meals in just a few steps.

I hope you all feel inspired to get in the kitchen and start cooking! Remember, taste doesn’t have to be sacrificed for healthy and homemade eating!


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