By Katy Krieger

It’s winter term, it’s rainy and cold, and it’s hard living with other people! Don’t worry, I feel your pain. I have some great tips for making it through to spring with a roommate without having a breakdown!

Make sure during exam times and finals that you come to an understanding with your roommate(s) about expectations. Don’t get upset when chores start slipping or everyone has different sleep schedules. It’s always best to hash out your finals/exam plans to know what is going to happen and to make a plan.

Allocate time to spend together without doing homework. Go to a movie, dinner, or bowling. Getting outside of the apartment you live in is refreshing and reminds you of why you are friends and live together.

Spend time away from each other. Everyone gets sick of their friends and roommates so don’t feel bad for spending time with other people or going into your room to get away. It may help you in the long run so you don’t blow up at your roommate(s).

Always ask permission to use or eat anything that isn’t yours. Never assume anything is okay without asking because that is a disaster waiting to strike!

Pay attention to their moods and behaviors. Sometimes people don’t realize they have bad habits going on or they may feel lost and alone (or perhaps something personal has happened). You are living with them so it’s always nice to have each other’s backs.

Communicate openly and honestly. Say what you are expecting of the other person and remind them of your plans/agreements. Remember to be nice, wait for the opportune moment, and butter them up with sugary products!

Discuss plans for living with each other next year. If you don’t want to, Google tips on how to “break up” with your roommate without it being weird for the next few months. If you are, plan on solidifying where you are living and what each one of you is doing over the summer.

Having a good roommate(s) is like having a good sibling you live with. You love each other but you may also want to scream from time to time. Think of how they may feel and approach situations with positivity and politeness. Don’t always feel obligated to hang out with them all the time but also spend time together and make some great memories!

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