By Morgan Willer

It’s getting close to that time when you get to register for your spring term classes. I can’t tell you exactly what classes to sign up for, but I can give you some good advice that I’ve collected over three years!

Don’t Stress!

So what if you don’t get the class you want? Avoid those feelings of frustration because you will get to take it eventually and it will be worth the wait. Talk to your advisor to find other alternatives that may work.

Make an Appointment with your Advisor:

The above comment leads me to this next piece of advice. I could have saved myself from many a panic attack if I had talked to my advisor beforehand. They have these jobs for a reason: because they know what they’re doing!! Ask them to help you plan out a schedule and request backups in case those classes are full. They’ll be happy to help.  If you are a freshmen, call 541-737-0561 to schedule an appointment with a College Advisor in Gilkey Hall. If you are a sophomore through senior, visit the CLA website to find your major advisor and their contact information.

Try Something New

I know it can be tempting to take classes from your favorite one or two departments, but if you do, you’re missing out on all kinds of cool stuff that you’ve never heard of before. Don’t be afraid to take a class from a strange and intriguing department. Some of my favorite classes have been ones that I’ve never heard of before!

Don’t Overload Yourself:

This is coming from someone who signs up for way too much every term. Don’t do it unless you absolutely HAVE TO. It is spring term and you will want to go out and enjoy your long awaited reunion with the sun that has been on vacation all winter term, not read hundreds of pages out of dry textbooks every week. That being said, if you must take a lot of courses make sure to sign up for one that you are really looking forward to, something that relieves stress. For me that’s a PAC class, most likely Ballet or Modern. For you that could be a philosophy class, to each their own.

Have A Plan:

Know when you have to register and be ready with a plan. I have my classes outlined in an Excel sheet so I can easily copy and paste the CRNs into the registration boxes. I also make sure to log in to online services a few minutes before my registration window opens so that once my time hits, I can just go in, enter the CRNs and be done in less than 3 minutes (as long as I get in to all of my classes).

Get Excited!! You get to start off a new term at OSU. For some, this may be your first spring term and for others it may be your last. Make the most of this new start!

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