By Morgan Willer

Everyone’s back on the beautiful Corvallis campus and it’s exciting to see the friends you’ve missed over break. However if the foggy rainy weather isn’t getting you down then the thought of starting a brand new term might be. It’s never fun sitting through hours of class once you are used to sitting through hours of Netflix on your comfy couch. Not to worry though, I’ve compiled some of my favorite things to do in order to get over that Post-Winter Break Slump!

Throw yourself into your New Year’s Goals!

I say goals because it’s a lot easier to achieve them if you give yourself a little room for failure and have a plan of attack. So you want to get in shape? Go purchase a fit pass or take advantage of the free facilities at Dixon. Want to have a better G.P.A. this term? Start signing up for tutors, visit the Academic Success Center in Waldo 102, purchase a planner and don’t forget to do your reading (it really does help).

Take a little time for yourself!

Find a new hobby or thing you just enjoy doing. Then throw yourself into it. Is there a really cute coffee shop by your house? Go there to study a few days a week and enjoy your favorite drink. Buy enough new songs on iTunes to make a playlist that will get you through the nasty Oregon mornings (and afternoons, and evenings). Set up a date with your friends you didn’t get to see over break, and make sure to keep the check-ins going throughout the term, especially when you get stressed.


Make a 2013 Bucket List!

It is still just the second week of the year so what better thing to do than make a bucket list of everything you want to do before we ring in 2014. Personally there are so many things I want to do before I graduate and move on from OSU, but sometimes I let the stress of school get in the way of the big picture. Make this list so it gives you something to look forward to when you’ve been spending more hours in a Valley cubicle than your own bed. Mine will include finally seeing a Beaver Baseball game!


Plan your spring break!

I know most of us are on a college student’s budget but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great spring break, and it’s never too early to plan! Whether it’s visiting friends in another state or volunteering at home you should plan one thing that will give you a good memory to relive when you’re back at OSU.

Take an hour (or two) to just not care!

Take an hour or more to pretend that break really isn’t over. Watch episodes of your favorite show on Netflix (I’m still not caught up on Gossip Girl) or play some video games. It’s proven that you will be more productive if you give yourself some time to relax. Just don’t go overboard.

I hope all of these helped y’all a little! Good luck with this term (it’s always the hardest) and try not to get too stressed out. There is always something to look forward to.

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