By Ashleigh Stubblefield CLA Advisor

It’s that time of year again. We just began week seven which means that the S/U and withdrawal deadlines are this Friday and registration is right around the corner.  So, whether you love your classes, hate your classes or some mix of both, it’s time to choose new ones for next term!

This term priority registration for winter term starts on November 11th. If you haven’t made an appointment to talk with your advisor, you should do so soon. Don’t forget to log-in to your online service menu and check your registration status! Students with the most credits will register first, but don’t worry everyone will have the opportunity to register for a full-time course load. The registrar’s office has created some great video tutorials on adding, dropping, and waitlisting courses.

Registering for courses is a great way to increase your familiarity with the catalog and the new Bacc Core Playlists. The Bacc Core Playlists were specially designed to allow students to focus on a specific interest while meeting their Bacc Core requirements. These playlists are great opportunities to explore areas that compliment your major, align with personal interests, or try something totally new.

Some of the playlists include: Truly Global, Americas, and Sustainability. Each playlist has different options for most of the Bacc Core requirements. For example, the Truly Global playlist focuses on exploring and developing a better understanding of different cultures and people around the world. If you have questions about the Bacc Core Playlists you can always ask your advisor.

Every student has two registration windows, Phase 1 and Phase 2 registration. In phase 1 you can register for up to 16 credits beginning with your specified priority registration time. Starting with Phase 2 you can register for up to 19 credits and begin waitlisting courses.

Priority registration is a busy time for students and advisors so make sure to schedule an appointment before your registration time. The best ways to schedule an appointment with a central CLA advisor are to call 541-737-0561 or to drop by Gilkey 213 and make an appointment.

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