Compensation Motivation

When thinking back to a time where I was in a situation where compensation was a motivating factor was last summer. I started a small side hustle which was washing cars. I grew up washing cars and wash my own car about once a week. I had a lot of free time this past summer that I normally don’t have and was looking for something to do. I wanted to find a way to make some extra cash and do something I enjoyed and was good at. As I started washing these cars I found it a great feeling to make some money after each wash that I did. I was so use to just washing my own car and putting money into the products to do so and the end result was a clean car and that’s it. After being able to make some cash as a side hustle I low key enjoyed cleaning others cars more than myself because of the monetary reward I received at the end of each wash. I think compensation motivated me to do a good job and want to keep going and grow the hustle because of the monetary rewards I was receiving. I also enjoyed the intrinsic rewards like the relationships I was able to build and connect with people. Me especially being a college student would not pass up on a opportunity to make some extra cash in something that was easy and I felt comfortable with. It was a great couple months that I was able to do it and felt this was a great example that aligned with this course and first lecture.

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