Typical vs Maximal Performance

If I was a business owner in this situation looking between a typical or maximal performance worker to hire it would be a tough decision to make for sure. In my decision I would need to look over my entire company and think about the work that I am doing now and potentially in the future. As well as knowing the people I have working for me already. For example knowing if I have a couple employees that I can count on whenever and will get things accomplished than I will be in good shape to have a consistent worker. Although at the end of the time I am probably going to hire Jaime in this situation because of her consistency. If I know the output she can bring and stick to that than make sure everything else is covered. I am all about consistency and Avery might be really good at times and in the clutch but I need someone that I can count on all the time it will be much better in the long run. Especially for my business.

An example of a job where hiring someone like Avery would be better than Jaime is in high stress situations or when an order is at its deadline. Lets say for example I run a t-shirt printing shop. I need to print over 500 t-shirts by the end of the night. If I hire Avery he would be able to produce the shirts in time and complete the order. But a draw back would be he would get behind on many other orders or the quality of the work for those smaller orders would not be good. Though the smaller orders are not going to make as much money they are still important. Avery would be the only one to deliver and get the large job done that would be making us all of the money. Jaime would not be the right hire because we know she could only get half that order done in time. The amount she gets done would be high quality but have our largest customer unhappy. There is certainly times where each applicant would be a better fit. In the end you just have to decide on what would be the best decision moving forward.

In the same type of job it would be better to have someone like Jaime because you know the output you will get and the work will always be consistent. Knowing Jaime can produce lets say about 300 shirts a day you know how much she will need to work to get the job done. Also with that how consistent there quality would be and she would be on top of other small orders to have all customer happy at the end it. Providing a positive experience so customers come back again. Avery would not be the best option in my opinion for long term success in a company. Unless my company is in a situation where we could afford to have someone like Avery then maybe but that is most likely not the case. The only real value I see is Avery can get you out of a Jam but that is about it. I would take Jaime almost all of the time because it is better for business and by having someone like Jaime would help for steady growth and a consistent product. Should be able to avoid getting in a jam or anything like that.


Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

When I think about brand I think about what that person or place is known for and the reputation they possess. When I think of my own personal brand I think about what others/companies think about me on not only my first impression but forever after that. I believe that the first impression that I give off is a warm and friendly individual. I also think that my own brand would represent myself as someone who is confident, means business and will leave a positive impact where ever I go. My strengths are being disciplined, determined, detailed, loyal, trusting, hardworking, and leadership qualities. I believe my brand shows these strengths when you meet me on the first go around. I look to treat everyone equally and fairly and after that the brand really grows and have a huge networking system. My weakness are being stubborn at times, and trying to be a perfectionist and learn to ask for help and know everything isn’t going to move smoothly.

In moving forward knowing my brand and what I stand for is very important I have to say. It doesn’t take long to decide the brand that I want hold in society. Though it does take time to build that brand up for others to know and for it to stick. Once others believe in your brand and know it then the rest is history.

When thinking in terms of a novel and creative situations for an organization. Really one thing comes to mind and that is just to be myself at the end of the day. Lets say I am applying to an organization I have interest in working for and become an applicant and receive an interview. I don’t feel I need to do anything out of the ordinary and try to be special to stand out. I feel if stick with who I am and and focus on showcasing my brand that is all I need to do. I am confident in my brand and will look to show that brand with accomplishments I have achieved in my past. I will look to showcase accomplishments I hope to seek in the future and use my past ones to support my case. Also in this I will look to showcase my personality and connect with the organization. I strongly feel with all of this will impress and want the organization to want to hire me. If not than that organization is not for me and move onto the next. I think being yourself is important and acting like something you are not is the wrong way to approach. Just like this weeks lectures talked about the recruitment process is a two way street.

In all it is important to like the brand you offer and are showcasing because you need to own and stick to it I believe to give yourself the best opportunity to be successful moving forward.


Job Description

Since I have only had one job that was an internship due to me being an athlete all of my life I limited on work experience. With that being said I can use the internship that I did for this job description blog post.

The last job that I had was as a marketing intern for the Corvallis Knights. During this internship search I was looking for a marketing internship and came across this opportunity. I was suppose to help with selling and promoting tickets for games as well as help set up vendors and think of game themes. There was not much of a job description to go off of on paper but just what was told to me in person and in my interview.

With that being said I did a lot more tasks than what I was originally told. I built sports knowledge with a wide range of preseasons and summer assignments through customer service, ticket sales, and marketing promotions. I organized and ran game day stadium operations including in game entertainment, promotions, team merchandise sales and fan engagement. To sum it all up I ended up doing a lot more than what I had original thought but really enjoyed it. The opportunity allowed me to learn and gain so much more by doing such a large variety of areas.

In my situation I just really needed an internship so I was not to worried about the job description. Though I have been able to learn I should have that in writing so I know what I am suppose to be doing and getting compensated for. In my case I really enjoyed my experience even though I did way more than I had originally expected. I can see the job description really mattering in the future more so I know what I am getting myself into before I sign the contract. I had to do a lot more physical and grunt work than I had expected. Examples like helping set and tear down stadium each gameday. Going through and checking inventory answering calls in the office, and lastly I had to drive the team mascot to an event that took a few hours away from my day that was last minuet on a day off.


Experiences with Discrimination

Well the topic of discrimination has been in the headlines for some time now. As it should be for the amount of discrimination and wrong doings that have been going on in our country especially and still going on today. I am a person of color and this past year especially has been quite amazing to see the social injustice that has occurred and things that are trying to change. At the end of the day people just need to be treat equally and have the right to the same opportunities as everyone else.

Especially when it comes to jobs and jobs of power the discrimination of peoples ethnicity is eye opening. During the hiring process these aspects should never impact the hiring the decision. It should come down to who is the best applicant for the job. I have spoken to job recruiters that I think are taking the discrimination things to far. Recruiters in interviews have told me that they are looking for people of color because their company/industry has a lack of it. I feel like the intent is good but the morals and ethics behind this are not.

If I was looking at a company that has claims of discrimination I would be turned off for sure. I would be taken back and look elsewhere because no job is more important than any type of discrimination or wrongdoing. I would absolutely consider to stop supporting that company and choose to take my business elsewhere. Depending on the claim and situation but it would impact my decision to apply or ever work for that company in the future. I feel this was because at the end of the day this is not okay. No job or salary makes discrimination or wrong doing of any kind okay.

Before I make any decision I would need to make sure I had all the facts of what happen to make an educated decision moving forward. Things to consider was it just one employee that was accused of such wrong behavior. Or was it the companies core structure and main leaders all acting this way? Because the severity of the infraction or whatever you want to call it does matter.