Self Reflection

What am I good at?

I would say that I am good at building relationships with people and connecting with them regardless of their backgrounds. I am good at communication and building long-lasting relationships. On top of that I am a hard worker that will bring a to work each day. I am good at getting work done on time if not early. I am on top of my stuff and very organized and detail oriented.

What do I Value?

I one value my relationships with people around me whether they are close or not. I value honesty and loyalty from people. Starting with honesty I don’t want people to not tell me the truth and say something that doesn’t happen at all. Also with loyalty I want to be around people that have my back especially when things get tough. I value that honesty and loyalty in life and the workplace.

How did I get here?

I have gotten to where I am with a great work ethic and focus. Since I was young I was always had a drive to do great in whatever I was doing big or small. Throughout my life I was able to set goals and achieve them with that work ethic and focus. Now in a time of transitioning from my masters to a career I will look to continue this work ethic and focus as I feel it has served me well thus far.

Where am I going?

I plan on growing in the next few years as a working man. I am looking to get into sales and do well as a young businessman. I hope to be able to make some good money especially early out of college to help set up my future well. After maybe about 10-15 years I could see myself maybe moving into more of a leadership or management position so it’s less sales unless I love sales a lot and keep moving forward that way. It will be interesting to see where my journey takes me exactly but I am excited for the potential possibilities.

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